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The Credit Union offers a variety of accounts.  Every member must have a regular share account with a $5.00 minimum balance.  This must be maintained at all times to be considered a member of the Credit Union.

A complete Membership and Account Agreement will be provided to you at the time you sign up for membership.  This will detail the different types of accounts and requirements for each.

Instructions for Phone or Internet Payments:

Checking Account Users:

On the bottom of your checks, you will see a series of numbers.  The first set of numbers, 291173128, is our Routing Number or ABA Number.  The second series of numbers includes your account number.  The third set of numbers is your current check number.

When asked for your account number when making a payment by phone or on the Internet, you only need the first four digits of your account number after the seven zeroes.  For example:  000000088654.  The account number you would enter is 8865.  Please do not include the first seven zeroes or the last digit.  If more numbers are required than just the four numbers given, add eight zeroes before your four digit account number.


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